EYECON R2 provides you a professional, cost effective and turnkey digital signage solution, which captures your valuable customers’ eyes and is far beyond their expectations, to achieve your most iconic business milestone. With EYECON R2, you can manage your screens easily.

EYECON R2 resilience design ensures 24/7 non-stop operation. Even the network connection is broken, the player continues to display in offline mode. The system monitoring tool and alert feature allow you to manage numerous of displays and help to prevent system failure.

EYECON R2 is able to run under on-premises or cloud environment, fulfill different security requirements and business needs. Full range of signage player is offered for various signages or video walls.

EYECON R2 is ready to grow with your company. It is able to run from a single instance VM to a large-scale server farm. You may scale out or scale up the system to support up to numerous displays.

For both on-premises and cloud edition, EYECON R2 with a comprehensive and fully integrated set of advanced security capabilities is able to protect customer’s contents and all displays.

Cost Effective
EYECON R2 provides basic to enterprise grade signage solution. Low start-up cost and flexible plan can help reducing the TCO and increasing the ROI.

Eyecon R2 is released

  • Intuitive operation. Drag and Drop to arrange screen content
  • Cloud based system
  • Flexible operation for different users

Eyecon R2 goes way beyond digital signage.


Error reports would be notified to users. Users can monitor the hardware and deploy status instantly.

Live Programme

Live Programme enables instant change of the display content.

Content Scheduling

Eyecon R2 can assign display schedules.

Content creation is easy

Arrange content to screen by drag and drop.

Various Types of Information

Images, videos, website, live stream, templates and Rolling messages could be displayed.

Role Management

Different Roles can be set to customize user’s right.