In-mall self-service kiosks
Integration of interactive mobile technology
Mobile advertisements for tenants
Looping a product / service to reach more audiences

High traffic and bustling zone is the greatest location for advertisements. Sadly, each typical poster can only deliver one message while space is limited. The readability of these promotion boards sometimes is very low particularly in crowded business districts. Nowadays, information flies. Businesses have better perceptions of benefits of digital signage besides cost-effectiveness and real-time update.

Deploying Top Vista’s turnkey solution in shopping malls is one of the easiest customer retention strategies. In a shopping center, shoppers won’t stand and wait. They are just eager to know ongoing sales promotions and events in seconds rather than news reports. Thus, for malls, digital signage should contain entertaining and consumer-oriented shopping information: In the morning, tailor-making contents of health-care products and social services for the elderly; after the noon, advertising weekly sales of grocery stores and food commodities for housewives; at night, promoting new products of well-known brands and restaurants for the young generation.


  • Centralized content and schedule management
  • Potential advertising incomes
  • Real-time update of customized, fresh and bold contents
  • Increasing renting rate
  • Improving the sales amount of shopping mall
  • Higher public awareness